Order Hasn’t Arrived

What to Do if You Order Has Not Arrived

Check Whether Your Order Has Been Sent

Keep in mind that sellers have seven days to send (postmark) a shipment after a purchase is paid.

Check Avarage Shipping Time

Once the order has been sent, we ask buyers to keep in mind that shipping across country borders can take longer than expected. If you feel your shipment has been in transit for too long, please check our Shipping Costs calculator, which provides, as part of its calculation, an average delivery time between two countries.

Contact Seller

If you have any questions or concerns after following the above steps, politely message the seller with your questions for a quick and simple solution.

Report Lost Shipment

If your shipment hasn’t arrived 30 days after it was sent, you can mark the shipment as lost. At this point the seller has the option to refund your order.

Cardmarket Is a Peer-to-Peer Platform

You aren’t buying from us and we don’t have all of the smaller details about your shipment available to us. The seller is your best resource for information on your order when a tracking number isn’t available. Because of this, if you and the seller reach a solution to an issue with your order, we will honor that agreement. If a seller doesn’t respond within 72 hours, or if you cannot agree on a solution, please contact our customer support to help resolve the issue.