Evaluations and Seller Rating

We use a number of different icons on Cardmarket to help buyers find the right listing for them and empower sellers to provide easily understood details in their listings. This page answers a few common questions as well as a legend to identify what each icon means.

Shipment Evaluations and Seller Rating

Common Questions About Evaluations and Seller Rating

How is my Seller Rating calculated?

Based on the evaluations you receive, you will have a "seller rating", visualized by a star symbol. Your "seller rating" is calculated as follows:

  • Only general evaluations are taken into account
  • Only the last 100 evaluations or the last month (whichever is greater) is taken into account
  • Unsent and lost shipments will negatively affect your seller rank
The requirements for the different seller ranks are:

  • Outstanding seller (a gold star on a blue background): min. 36 evaluations, min. 97% very good, max. 1% neutral or bad
  • Very good seller (a gold star): min. 36 evaluations, min. 92% very good, max. 3% neutral or bad
  • Good seller (a silver star): min. 6 evaluations, max. 4% neutral, max. 2% bad
  • New seller (no star): less than 5 evaluations, no neutral or negative feedback.

Any seller with worse stats will be listed as a bad seller (Symbol: red dot). We do not recommend buying from these sellers.

Is it possible to appeal evaluations I disagree with?

Yes, you can appeal evaluations. In the shipment details, you will find a button on the right-hand side labeled "Request Evaluation Cancellation". This is only available for evaluations made in the last 14 days and rated less than "Very Good." If the buyer rejects your cancellation request, you will be given the option to appeal to our evaluation compliance team.

If you still have any questions or wish to view your open or closed tickets, please visit the Help Desk.