Problems with Support Tickets

In peer-to-peer transactions, problems sometimes occur and occasionally, these problems require a third party to mediate and create a compromise that works for all parties. On Cardmarket, that’s the job of our customer support. They aren’t the first line of defense and good communication between a buyer and seller is necessary to any positive transaction, but they can help resolve disputes and deal with issues that cannot be handled just through buyer-seller communication.

On Cardmarket, support tickets are processed through a third-party software called Freshdesk. Our in-house support team then reads your ticket and can take action or respond as needed. The two most common ways users submit tickets are:

through the order page. When looking at an outstanding order, you will see a contact support button in the top right of the page and can click that, which will send you to a form with most of the relevant information already filled. We recommend this method above others wherever possible.

through our Freshdesk portal. If you submit a ticket here, make sure to fill in the category, your email, language you wish to use, and order ID (if applicable).

Common Questions and Mistakes when Creating a Support Ticket

If you still have trouble submitting tickets on Freshdesk, please email us at