Pre-Sale Eligibility and Rules

One major question we get all—the—time on Cardmarket concerns Pre-Sales. Who can do it? What should one pre-sell? This page lays out Cardmarket's rules and requirements for Pre-Sales.

Who Can Pre-Sell on Cardmarket?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is simple. Any established Professional Seller – those who have at least 1000 sales as a Pro and have been professional sellers for a year or longer – is eligible to offer Pre-Sales. However, this is considered a privilege on Cardmarket, and any seller who fails to meet a Pre-Sale order on-time will have this privilege revoked. This preserves the integrity of the marketplace and is important for maintaining consumer trust.

What Can I Pre-Sell on Cardmarket?

Professional Sellers with pre-sale privileges can pre-sell any product on Cardmarket. When a buyer pre-orders a product, the expectation is that the seller will ship that product on the release date, so the pre-seller must acquire the product before release if they want to successfully meet the order.

What Are My Responsibilities if I Choose to Pre-Sell?

All professional sellers participating in Cardmarket pre-sales have a responsibility to meet all pre-sale orders on the release date, which users can find on the respective product page. As stated above, if a professional seller fails to meet their pre-sale orders, they will lose their pre-sale privileges.

Because of this policy, we have a couple of recommendations for Professional Sellers looking to take full advantage of pre-sales

  1. Only offer product you are sure you can deliver on the release date. It’s better to save products you’re not sure you can deliver for later—when you will make most of your sales anyways—instead of overcommitting and losing reputation as a seller, along with your pre-sale privileges.
  2. If you run into trouble with a pre-sale, you need to spend the time and money necessary to ship out on time.

Magic: The Gathering Pre-Sales

Presales work a bit differently for Magic: The Gathering. Wizards of the Coast only wants professional sellers with WPN store status pre-selling expansions with pre-release events. Because of this, some professional sellers on Cardmarket may have the ability to pre-sell for other games, but not for Magic. Wizards of the Coast doesn't use this rule for private sellers, so they can already sell singles starting from the date of pre-release store events. Private sellers, per our rules, can have up to 75 items listed during the pre-sale period.

These are Wizards of the Coasts rules, but for us, the most important part of pre-selling is that buyers receive their cards on time. To ensure this, all pre-sell eligible professionals must have the cards on pre-release date (one day before the pre-release event). If you are a professional seller without WPN status, but still think you can meet the above requirement, please create a ticket with the subject "Pre-Sell Application" and address it to Christian. We will review your case and let you know if your pre-sell status has changed.

If you still have any questions or wish to view your open or closed tickets, please visit the Help Desk.